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Tormod Amundsen / Biotope / Reflections of Norwegian Architecture

Tonight we will leave the comfortable zone of the city and go hiking in the Nordic countryside. We welcome you architect Tormod Amundsen, from the Biotope studio. Their projects are on the scale immediately surrounding man. The architecture of necessity in the freezing parts. The Biotope studio consists of small architecture for great experiences. Utility cabins and shelters, so typical of Norwegian culture, and yet with a high architectural value. Since 2009, Biotope has been interpreting architecture for outdoor activities into the current language. “Half of good architecture is a fantastic place” The stream starts at 18:00. Join the discussion with comments below the video. The cycle of these lectures is part of the Empatia in Art project and was financially supported by the Norwegian EMIA funds.

25.10. 2021 at 18:00 (online)Tormod Amundsen / Biotope