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Silent Generation

Performing art reflecting the main themes of the EMIA project. The aim of this activity is to develop cooperation that would support the emergence of a real work of art which would embody the differences between the two regions (Slovak and partner countries) in terms of the aging society. It is a research task reflected in the form of documentary theater, which at the same time evokes a feeling of “living memory and wisdom” from the point of view of the discourse on social and political events. Performers will cover the full spectrum of people from all layers of the society born in the 1930s and 1940s – a generation called the “silent generation”. The production Decameron / Silent Generation is a collage of five intergenerational dialogues. It analyzes the importance of the senior in society from several perspectives; his memory, insight and experience. The concept of the production was created before the pandemic, which (eventually) brought new layers of meaning to the final shape of the production


Director, concept, performance: Peter Mazalán
Music direction and dramaturgy, conducting, singing: Eva Šušková
Dramaturgical collaboration: Miro Dacho
Movement cooperation: Petra Fornayová
Performers: Magdaléna Blahušiaková, Milada Synková, Jana Oľhová, Annamária Janeková, Veronika Kita Mazalánová, Francesco Machats, Jakub Mitrík, Members of the Bratislava Choir
Photo: Jakub Gulyás
Graphics: Matej Lacko

The project was supported from public sources by the Arts Support Fund, BSK and the EEA and Norway Grant: Empathy in Arts project; EMIA. The project partners are the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU and Studio 12.


Time schedule

9.7. 2021 at 19:00opening Dekameron / Silent Generation
10.7. 2021 at 19:00Dekameron / Silent Generation


Creative director

Peter Mazalán
Peter Mazalán
project partners: