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Ephemeral Architecture

The Ephemeral Architecture project represents the realization of a traveling work, which was created at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The authors of the work Bohuš Kubinský, Paulína Ebringerová and Monika Moravčíková worked with the materialization of the term empathy. The topic of EMPATHY constantly resonates in society. True empathy, however, requires us to step beyond our own emotions and look at things from another person’s perspective. The object called Afloat represents a monumental air installation that presents a human molecule. These occur naturally in the human body, which corresponds to the fact that each individual is equal and our identity is not a choice but is a natural state. The authors worked deliberately with light materials that seem fragile and vulnerable, interpreting the concepts of equivalence, equality and human trust.

“Empathy is the ability to step out of one’s own bubble and enter other people’s bubbles.“ C. Joybell

Time schedule

09. – 12. 2020communication with partners and preparation of the artwork design
02. – 05. 2021realisation of the concept and design of the artwork
06. – 07. 2021realization of the artwork
08. – 10. 2021presentation of the artwork in the most interesting places and events in Slovakia
17. 9. - 3. 10. 2021Afloat: Wihe Night, Bratislava
8. 10. - 24. 10. 2021Afloat: White Night, Bratislava



Creative directors

Bohuš Kubinský
Bohuš Kubinský
Paulína Ebringerová
Paulína Ebringerová
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