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Beate Hølmebakk / Manthey Kula / Reflections of norwegian architecture

On 8.11. we will reflect on the extremely thoughtful architecture with Beate Hølmebakk from Manthey Kula’s studio. Hølmebakk is also a professor at the AHO (Oslo School of Architecture and Design). Together with Per Tamsen, they have been forming an architectural duo since 2004. They focus on the narrative of form in a specific place. Whether it is the architecture of the exhibitions, a small pavilion with a reference to Sverre Fehn, or a monolithic hydroelectric power plant, their realizations are always well-thought-out interventions. They are based on conceptual argumentation. Manthey Kula ponders over space for a long time before they form. They are currently working on a memorial to the victims of the 2011 terrorist attack on Utøya Island. The lecture will be streamed at The stream will start at 18:00. You can join the discussion with comments below the video. The series of lectures Reflections of Architecture is realized within the project EMIA: Empathy in Art. The project is funded by EEA Grants and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.